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Swipies vs Whiteboards

Swipies combine the reusability of a whiteboard with the portability and flexibility of paper.

What are Swipies?

Swipies are synthetic paper made for wet erase pens, keeping your content on the page until you rinse with water. And yes, cleaning Swipies is that easy!


Without the abrasive chemicals found in dry erase pens, Swipies won't stain over time, allowing you to use them endlessly.


Swipies are flexible and portable, fitting into backpacks and purses. With the use of wet-erase pens they're also smudge-free.


Despite the flexible nature of Swipies, they're made with long-lasting materials that won't crease, tear, or stain over time.


We take customer happiness seriously, which is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked.

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"These are like having a mini whiteboard with you all the tine. They are so light and convenient. I am already obsessed!" — Katie M.

Whiteboards are outdated.

Small whiteboards are not very portable, and they're hard to use at a desk. Large whiteboards are great for collaboration but the stationery nature limits their usefulness. Swipies, on the other hand, can be used for all sorts of tasks around the house, office, and more.

Whiteboards also stain over time due to the chemicals in the pens. The solution? More chemicals to clean the board. And so begins a cycle that degrades the whiteboard surface more and more with time. Swipies are made for wet-erase pens, which wash away with just water. Forever.

What makes Swipies better?

Not only are Swipies super easy to clean with just a few drops of water and immune to staining, but they're also smudge-free. When the wet-erase ink dries, you can safely transport Swipies in your backpack or purse without the ink wiping away.

Finally, Swipies are oddly satisfying to use. Writing on the buttery smooth surface with our inky pens is a surprise to first time users, and everyone loves watching the ink rinse away when cleaning.

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"Watching the marker drain off them is incredibly satisfying" — Aerin P.

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Frequently asked questions

What's your return policy?
We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so if you're unhappy, you'll get your money back. No questions asked.

How do I clean Swipies?
We offer a spray bottle and cloth and a spot correcting eraser in our shop, but you can run them under the sink, too. Please use only water to clean your Swipies to prevent any deterioration of the surface with harsh chemicals.

Do Swipies bend or fold? Will they crease?
Swipies are flexible, but won't fold. They will always lay flat.

Can I cut my Swipies down to other sizes or hole punch them?
Yes! They are waterproof through and through, so you're welcome to modify them to fit your specific needs, but be sure to let us know (info@swipi.es) what sizes you want so we can factor that into future products!

Can I use dry erase markers on Swipies? Can I use Sharpie?
Dry erase markers have abrasive chemicals in them and we do not sell dry erase for that reason. Use at your own risk as they may stain over time. Similarly, Sharpie stains Swipies. We have found that alcohol often gets stains off Swipies - including hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol.

Where do Swipies ship and how much does it cost?
We offer free US shipping for orders over $50 and ship to 241 countries. For orders under $50, you can calculate your shipping rate before checkout. We have discounted rates with major carriers.

When will my order ship?
Please allow 1-2 business days for Swipies to receive and process your order.

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"One thing that surprised me is how frictionless the surface is compared to writing on paper with a pen—it's really pleasurable to write!" — Sasha L.