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More About Swipies

swipies reusable paper
This kit contains reusable, eco-friendly paper, perfect for note-taking, to do lists, illustrations and more! Swipies is designed for wet-erase markers which means no smudging and no mess.
One side of your Swipies paper has a subtle dot grid, the other is blank for free sketching. Wet-erase pen ink dries on the sheet (unlike dry erase) so you can slide it in your bag and keep for later.

Ready to start over?

Spritz with water and wipe clean with our microfiber cloth. It's that easy.

step 1: Spritz water onto your Swipies to remove the wet erase markerStep 2: Using the microfiber cloth, wipe the water awayStep 3: Reuse your clean Swipies reusable paper