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Swipies for your team,
shop, or event

The Office

Your team can use Swipies at their desk and in conference rooms, saving your company money on paper and from the eye-sore of dirty whiteboards. Your team can stop turning their back to the room to write on the whiteboard, and instead, collaborate together at the table and easily take the work back to their desks.

Conferences and events

Good swag costs a lot of money, and bad swag winds up in the trash. Custom-branded Swipies are the swag that will get reused, both at your event for note-taking, and later with your brand top of mind.

Retail shops

Have an online or brick-and-mortar store? We’d love to work together on custom Swipies. Alternatively, we can stock non-custom Swipies at wholesale prices.

We've worked with some great companies

Airbnb Swipies

Airbnb Design reached out to have custom-branded Swipies made for their team.

General Assembly Swipies

We worked with General Assembly to provide Swipies for new, incoming students.

Moz Swipies

Moz has a strong swag game, so working with them for custom Swipies was a perfect fit.

Indeed Swipies

Indeed gave out custom Swipies as welcome gifts for their San Francisco Design Week event.

Epicurrence Swipies

Epicurrence is known for their epic swag bags. We were honored to be part of one!

Spec.fm Swipies

Supporters since day one, Spec uses Swipies in their office and hand out extras to visitors.

Workfront Swipies

We created holiday gift kits for the Workfront team and welcome kits for Front Conf.

Interested in a custom order or learning more? info@swipi.es