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letter size swipie
letter size swipie
letter size swipie
Letter Swipie (Dot Grid)
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Customer Reviews

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Kathleen Stewart

son loved it

Nick Sheuerman
Overall Great

Overall a great product, I enjoy using it and love the fine tip pen. However, I do wish there were better “erasing” options, the water pen sponge thing is decent, however it would be better if a simple white board eraser would do the trick rather than having to get it wet and smear the writing slightly. Especially important if you only want to erase something small in between other writing. Maybe innovate a better water sponge eraser or something different entirely? This minor "first world problem" is not really an issue for me, more of an observation/idea. I expect if you could erase it like a normal white board, it would also smear with your hand or during transit...which is a good feature also. Give and take! Overall great product I would highly recommend.

Dan T.
What's not to like?

I use these to write to-do lists and to sketch out problems and ideas, and they do the job perfectly. I even bring them to and from the office in my bag and the writing stays clean despite the journey.

Caton Vance

I love this product - so much so that I went.... WHAT?!? The first time I used them.

Rachel Michaud
Love my Swipies!

Swipies have changed the way I take notes and start projects. I can take as many notes as I need before harvesting what's important (and erasing the rest!). I also love jumping in on brainstorming with a Swipie --- so much less pressure than pen and paper. I initially rated as 3/5 because of damage during shipping, but the company got in touch and made it right! Wow. High quality product and a company to match.