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a5 swipie size
swipies a5 size
swipies a5 size
swipies a5 size
A5 Swipie (Dot Grid)
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Customer Reviews

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Robyn Eberhard
Great product

These are great ways to keep lists and then reuse, love them.

Jack G
In Love

These are some of the best things I have ever bought. Super convenient and affordable. I already doubled up.

Broc Hite
Love Wet Erase!

I was shocked by how much I liked this product. I use this in making notes about my students and notice how stable it is unless it gets wet.

Dry erase is very good for what it is, but it is less practical to take notes because, by design, it does smudge so easily.

Congrats on such a neat, old-school product!

Love these!

I got a few after seeing a ton of IG ads (not totally trusting how great they seemed) and I’m here to say I LOVE THESE. I use these and the list pages all the time for work and personal lists. I’m a huge note taker and I think in about a month I’ve saved at least 30 pages of paper using these! I’m also a leftie and the Staedtler pen doesn’t smudge on me!

Maria Galeon
Brilliant. Exactly what I needed

I use way too much paper for temporary notes that I end up throwing (recycling). Instead the swipies allow me to write to my hearts content and I feel better knowing I'm not cutting down any more trees with my note taking. Going to purchase some list versions to put in my planner. Thanks!