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swipies full starter kit
swipies full starter kit
swipies full starter kit
swipies full starter kit
swipies full starter kit
swipies full starter kit
swipies full starter kit
The Full Starter Kit
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We are proud to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our #1 seller, the Full Starter Kit has it all!

  • (2) Letter Swipies (8.5 x 11")
  • (2) A5 Swipies (5.8 x 8.3")
  • (2) List Swipies (3.25 x 8.25")
  • (1) 10mL spray bottle
  • (1) Gray microfiber cloth
  • (1) Staedtler fine tip wet-erase pen
  • (1) Vis-a-Vis medium tip wet-erase pen

Leave the stains, smudging, and immobility of your dry erase whiteboard behind. Recycle that stack of half-used notebooks. Save your walls and desk and fridge from the barrage of post-its. Switch to Swipies.

Swipies features:
📝 Flexible like paper, reusable like a whiteboard
💪 Thicker and more durable than cardstock
🎒 Travels well; your ink won't rub off in your bag!
😎 Anti-glare, silky smooth writing surface
💧 Swipies are made for wet-erase pens (and dry erase crayons!)
✍️ List size is lined, A5 & Letter sizes have a dot grid
🍃 Reuse endlessly for 6+ years
🇺🇸 Made in the USA
👩‍💻 Female-owned and operated

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Kate Deprez Ransom
Love these things!

I'm going to have to invest in all the colors of wet erase markers I can find. I'm using my Swipies for ever changing lists, helping my son work out his math homework with ease, sketching ideas for rearranging furniture in my home, notes, etc. I'm so glad I found them.

Kathleen Lee
Tree Saver!

My life used to run on piles and piles of post-it notes.
Love these. It simplifies my workflow so much

Guy who uses theses DAILY

I’m a visual person so being able to draw out my idea wherever I am is a lifesaver. And then to either take it with me in a backpack or to completely erase it. Man. Only thing I wish is that y’all had it in a 3x5 for a pocket notepad version. But I’ll likely cut up one of my full sized to suit that ask.

Eric Peterson
OK, but not worth it.

I can't believe I paid for these. This is a high quality lamination on a piece of card stock. Nothing more.

Hi Eric,

I'm Caylee, owner of Swipies, and I just saw your 1-star review come through. I'm sorry to hear Swipies are not for you, but I wanted to remind you of our customer satisfaction guarantee listed at the top of our website and on our product pages. I wish you would have emailed us about the issue so we could get it solved for you. Regardless, I've processed a full refund for you. Please donate your Swipies to a local school or gift to a friend, we would hate to have them thrown away.

Just to quickly address the quality concern you stated, because I'll leave the same public reply on your 1-star review: our core material is not paper, it's a synthetic material that ensures Swipies are waterproof through and through. This allows people to cut them down to sizes they want, and ensues they stay sturdy over time. The cost of this core material is extremely expensive because of its superior durability over paper. Additionally, during covid times we've had some core costs double but we've only raised prices a dollar or two here and there to make the value feel reasonable to our customers. I'm curious if you thought the product would be thicker or more rigid? What information do you feel was not conveyed to you about the qualities of the product? Appreciate any insight.

Thank you,

Kelsey Gerber
Life changing organization tool

I have a habit of writing things down on sticky notes or keeping a running list of items and then throwing the paper away once the tasks are done. With Swipies, I can keep an ongoing list and update it easily, without wasting tons of paper.